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Our values

We create the foundations for good coexistence.

Passionate: We are enthusiastic craftsmen.

We love what we do. Our young team consists of shipbuilders, wood technicians, carpenters, product designers, enthusiasts, tacklers and co-thinkers. Together, we manufacture timeless furniture and kitchens with the utmost care and passion, which carry the charm of Hamburg’s industrial and harbour city. Every piece of furniture is conceived, produced and assembled down to the last detail – from a single source, in manufactory quality.

Creating value: We produce more than just furniture.

We value honest and durable materials such as steel and wood, which gain patina over time and can be refurbished at any time if necessary. We combine these elements using traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing methods to create high-quality, classically designed furniture with character. In this way, we not only create products but also preserve values that, in the best case, are passed on to the next generations.

Sustainable: We handle resources responsibly.

We use high-quality materials from renewable, homegrown and recycled raw materials, work with a local network and build durable, functional and timeless furniture and kitchens. Our production is almost self-sufficient thanks to a photovoltaic system and the thermal utilisation of our own wood waste. And whenever possible, we use e-transporters and cargo bikes for emission-free logistics within Hamburg.

Healthy living: We only work with materials that are free of harmful substances.

No matter how close to nature and active we are, we spend most of our time indoors. The quality of this built living and working environment has a direct influence on well-being. That is why our raw materials are almost untreated. We have chipboard-free furniture and kitchens, seal the surfaces with ecological oils and use natural linoleum as well as wood. This contributes to a pollutant-free environment and increases residential health.

Individual: We respond to our customers.

The transitions between professional and private life are fluid today. New job models are increasingly reconciling home office and new work with free time and family. Personal development and self-realisation also begin with the choice of furnishings. That’s why we involve our customers in the design process and offer furniture and kitchens that are as flexible and individually configurable as possible.

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