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Our workshop

We have built a 1,500 square metre glass workshop in the industrial estate “Achter de Bahn” in Radbruch in the district of Lüneburg.

Construction of our new building will begin at the new location with the groundbreaking ceremony in early 2021. The right property near Hamburg was found relatively quickly. Only 50 kilometres away from our old workshop in Altona, we acquired a 4,500 square metre plot of land – big enough to even get a little bigger.

“In our Hamburg workshops in Altona, our possibilities had been fully exhausted for some time due to the small rooms. The idea of relocating was therefore extremely well received by my team. In the end, we all made the decision together,” explains Jan Cray.

The new truss building by Jan Cray now stands in Radbruch. The timber frame construction combines an almost self-sufficient energy concept with a photovoltaic system, energy-saving floor panels and heat through the thermal utilisation of wood waste from our own production. The guiding principle of our new workshop as well as our furniture is material honesty. “Honest material does not pretend to be something it is not, but is pure and authentic. For me, wood is the epitome of material honesty, unmistakable in its look and feel as well as in its smell. It ages gracefully, acquires a beautiful patina, can be excellently maintained, reconditioned well at any time and recycled. Therefore, it was clear to me that the new production hall should be as materially honest as our furniture.”

We have also sustainably expanded transport and logistics: Inside the hall, we work with electric forklift trucks, and thanks to an e-transporter and cargo bike, we also make low-emission deliveries beyond Hamburg’s city limits. In addition, three new e-cars are available for our team for carpooling to commute and for smaller errands.

By the way, we are always happy to let you look over our shoulder at work: After a short registration, we provide an insight into production with a walk through our new hall. Our furniture and kitchens can also be experienced on site in a new showroom. In addition, our showroom in Hamburg will remain open for consultations and will show our kitchens and individual pieces of furniture from the 6GRAD and PLOG series there.

Come and visit our workshop and watch us sawing and working.