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6GRAD series

Simply fits

6GRAD series

The 6GRAD design is so straightforward and well thought-out that even the name has a function: 6 degrees is the optimum angle for the legs of the stools, tables and benches in this series. In addition, there is an exciting material contrast of steel and wood, innovative design details and an industrial character in manufacturing quality. In short: 6GRAD combines sense and sensuality.

Esstisch mit recycelter Bauholzoberfläche und schwarzem Metallgestell vor grob verputzter Wand
Couchtisch mit Eichenplatte und hellgrauem Metallgestell vor grauem Polstersofa
Runder Esstisch aus recyceltem Bauholz mit hellgrauem Metallgestell vor Fensterfront
Hocker, Küchenhocker und Barhocker nebeneinander aufgestellt vor grob verputzer Wand


Fusion of industry and trade

The character of former industries resonates in every piece of furniture. But when the sparks fly today, it’s with our designers, who are imaginative with every detail:  Beautiful carriage bolts simplify assembly and disassembly; moulded and powder-coated sheet steel stiffens the frames; folded metal parts prevent awkward edges. You add the finishing touches: In addition to selected colours, you can choose between many different sizes and surfaces.


Ideas from all over the world, wood from home

If you have inspiration from far away, you don’t need raw materials that have travelled a long way. That’s why we work with high-quality local woods. In addition to timber and solid oak or ash, the surfaces are also available with a modern linoleum coating. In this way, we combine a growing demand with renewable raw materials.

Granatapfel auf Tisch mit geölter recycelter Bauholzoberfläche
Nahaufnahme eines Esstisches mit massiver Eichenplatte
Nahaufnahme einer charaktervollen Eichenoberfläche eines Tisches
Blumenvase auf einem Eschenholztisch
Nahaufnahme einer Tischoberfläche mit graublauem Linolium
Nahaufnahme einer Tischoberfläche mit graublauem Linoleum und einem Eichenanleimer
Esstisch mit Ansteckplatte aus recyceltem Bauholz und hellgrauem Metallgestell vor Wandteppich und Weinregal
Esstisch mit recyceltem Bauholz, Ansteckplatte und hellgrauem Metallgestell in Nahaufnahme
Ansteckplatte eines Esstisches mit recycelter Bauholz-Oberfläche wird abgenommen bzw. angesteckt.

Table extension

Space for development

No matter whether your ideas need more space or friends drop by spontaneously: you can create additional space in no time at all. The extension boards are fitted immediately with matching wing screws. The extension is stable and fits perfectly. This is because the grain of the solid wood panels continues across the joint and creates a continuous wood pattern.

Would you like to make yourself just as cosy outside?