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Why does delivery take a little longer at JAN CRAY?

We don’t build anything in stock – and you don’t buy anything off  the shelf. We take the time to build you a unique piece  in manufacture quality. Take some time until you have it in your hands.

Do you also deliver abroad?

Yes, we supply Austria and Switzerland as well as Germany. We are happy to make European and worldwide deliveries on request. And Great Britain? Of course my friend!

Can I have my very own colour for my frame?

Of course! We mix everything from your corporate colour to your favourite colour. Here, for example, a 6GRAD stool in Gunther Gabriel Houseboat Pink Red

Do I have to assemble the furniture myself?

If possible, we always ship our furniture assembled. Sometimes it makes more sense if you tighten the last screws yourself with a few hand grips. You get a suitable tool for it.

How do the individual woods differ?

We only use domestic woods – ideal for the place where you want to put down roots. Take a closer look in our surface guide.

Can I take a look at the products somewhere?

There is a JAN CRAY showroom in Hamburg and in the southern part of Hamburg. And maybe there is already a dealer in your region. The third option: get virtual advice and take a digital showroom tour.

Can I watch the production somewhere?

Before our furniture gets a stage in your home, you are welcome to take a look behind the scenes. Get to know the protagonists, the carpenters and joiners, the thinkers and designers. Just make an appointment with us, we’ll be happy to give you a workshop tour at our headquarters near Hamburg.

I would like to have a kitchen. How do I proceed?

Actually, you only need 2 ingredients: your floor plan and your wishes. Contact us and together we will develop your dream kitchen from these ingredients. You can get a small foretaste in the kitchen configurator. When everything is ready, we will manufacture the kitchen according to your ideas. Then the JAN CRAY assembly team will come to your home and assemble everything. And you can get right to work and cook a delicious meal.

How much does a JAN CRAY kitchen cost?

It is precious, just like the moments you will spend here with your friends and family. But precious moments are not priceless. Simply assemble the kitchen in the kitchen configurator, where the price is also calculated.

And if I don't like the piece of furniture?

You order a handmade unique piece, it can’t just go back on the shelf. Furthermore, wood is a natural product, colour and grain can vary. But if you really don’t like it, we’ve always found a solution so far.

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