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6GRAD Cooking table

Cookery takes centre stage: the cooking table

6GRAD Cooking table

A cooking table puts creative craftsmanship at the heart of the kitchen. Here, the focus is not only on the food, but also on the preparation. Placed flexibly in the room, it gives your culinary ideas plenty of space. You can put together the equipment like a personalised menu: You can choose the right equipment, worktop, fronts and frame colour to suit your taste.

6Grad Kochtisch von Jan Cray vor Fensterfront.
Frontale Nahaufnahme von einem 6GRAD Kochtisch.
Detailaufnahme des Edelstahl-Stellfußes des 6GRAD Kochtisches von Jan Cray.


A highlight from every angle

When viewed from above, the suspended steel body creates the lightness of a table. When you look down, the robot vacuum thanks you for the space – and is amazed at the adjustable feet that level out any unevenness in the floor and set your desired working height. Developed with the highest engineering quality, they also ensure a stable, secure stand. The work surface above offers plenty of room for ideas. The cooking table is available in 4 lengths (180 cm, 220 cm, 260 cm and 300 cm) and 2 depths (85 cm and 95 cm). Conclusion: Here, the art of cookery is not given a niche, but a small stage.

Steel cabinet

Set up your stage design

What fits your image of an ideal kitchen? Configure the suspended steel cabinet exactly as you want it. Choose between high-quality appliances, sinks and many cabinet variants. Depending on the length of the table, you can configure one or two units that are 60 cm or 90 cm wide. The frame is available with an industrial character in powder-coated graphite black. Or in agate grey for the typical Scandinavian attitude to life. So create your own individual kitchen.

6Grad Kochtisch mit einem hängenden Stahlkorpus in achatgrau
6Grad Kochtisch von Jan Cray mit geöffneten Schubladen.
Nahaufnahme von Griffen einer Schublade des 6Grad Kochtisches von Jan Cray.

Curtain up: Material for your workshop

Steel front

Steel is a kitchen material that stands for an industrial character like no other. The cooking table with graphite black or eight-grey steel fronts speaks a design language that says straight out: this is where work is done. Anyone who chooses this material for their kitchen will be delighted with its functionality. Steel is stable, resistant and durable. The smooth surfaces of the fronts are easy to clean and are food-safe. Nothing sounds tinny thanks to folded and welded steel sheets with a flat filling, which ensures a warm, rich sound.

Wooden front

Wood brings nature into your home. The lively material gives rooms a lot of naturalness and a healthy indoor climate. The cooking table with oak or ash fronts turns your living room into a cosy place where you can enjoy spending time with family and friends. If this sounds almost too harmonious, you will be delighted by the contrasting design: the natural raw material wood meets the functional steel frame, creating an exciting mix of materials.

Linoleum front

The feel of linoleum is an absolute delight to the touch. Chefs appreciate the surface because the natural product feels good to the touch and also takes on the room temperature. Heat is generated here even when you’re not cooking. The organic surface combines an elegant appearance with practical properties: the linseed oil and resin components make linoleum particularly easy to clean and durable.

Worktops that showcase the art of cooking

Bündig verschweißtes Spülbecken aus warmgewalztem Edelstahl

Hot-rolled stainless steel

Hot-rolled, seamless moulded

The 4 mm thick stainless steel comes straight from the steel roller into your kitchen. Its industrial character is clearly visible: the traces of production are visible and the material is inspiring in its purity. The same quality as the professionals, but with a much more sophisticated look than the stainless steel kitchens used in the catering trade.

The matt surface scores with particularly robust properties such as acid resistance and food safety. Even a hot pot does not harm the surface. It absorbs the traces of your work, acquires a beautiful patina and thus becomes a contemporary witness to your cookery skills.


Robustly fired, used without a trace

The 12 mm thick ceramic surface has been through fire for you: In the kiln, the already robust natural material has increased its resistance even further. The ceramic worktop is absolutely cut and scratch-resistant, acid-resistant and food-safe. The surfaces can be cleaned easily and hygienically after the work is done. And the ceramic leaves no trace in nature either: the product is completely recyclable.

Nahaufnahme des 6GRAD Kochtisches mit Keramik-Arbeitsplatte.

Do you need some storage space for your cooking utensils in addition to the cooking table?