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TUUL base plate
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Everything at your fingertips: the shelving system for the kitchen

Why should you hide your most important instruments in wall cabinets? The shelving system neatly organises everything you need for cooking in the kitchen. And above all: everything in view, everything under control. Kitchen utensils, lids and pans, herb garden and knife block: all orchestrated on a kitchen board. Who conducts? You. A freely divisible plug-in system allows you to rehang any part in no time at all. Every instrument finds the right place.

Kitchen board base plate
You can choose between oak and ash for the material of the kitchen board. As desired, 60 cm high and 60 cm – 200 cm long. For longer kitchen boards, the panels are simply joined together. There are 5 slots in the plate at different heights for inserting accessories: Simple, beautiful and functional.

Accessories kitchen board
The bins and shelves in various lengths and depths are delicate yet sturdy. All accessories, including tool rails and pot lid holders, are made of steel or aluminium.

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