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The material dreams are made of: Modular kitchens made of steel

Steel is a kitchen material that stands for an industrial character like no other. The steel modular kitchen speaks a design language that says it straight: this is where work is done. Anyone who chooses this material for their kitchen will be delighted with its functionality. Steel is stable, resistant and durable. The smooth surfaces of the fronts are easy to clean and are food-safe. Nothing sounds tinny thanks to folded and welded steel sheets with a flat filling, which ensures a warm, rich sound.

Want to find out more details about the modular steel kitchen? Take a look at the WERK modular kitchen.

Also dreamlike: the features

1. Steel of your choice: in graphite black or agate grey

2. Resistance is futile: thanks to powder coating, colour and material merge to form a resistant unit that can withstand the toughest demands

3. Healthy living: chipboard-free and therefore hardly any formaldehyde vapours

4. Sustainable: very durable and recyclable

Various projects

In einem alten Stallgebäude steht eine WERK Modulküche von JAN CRAY mit rauchblauen Linoleumfronten. Die alte Kappendecke ist super erhalten.

New kitchen in an old barn

“When we retire at some point, we would like to live near our sons and their families again,” said Florian’s parents and set about looking for a suitable property with enough space for the idea of multi-generational living. A few years ago, they finally found what they were looking for near Hamburg.

Already got your dream kitchen in mind? Let it become reality!