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Up to any challenge: modular kitchen made of wood

Wood brings nature into your home. The lively material gives rooms a lot of naturalness and a healthy climate. The modular kitchen in wood turns your living space into a feel-good place where you can enjoy spending time with family and friends. If this sounds almost too harmonious, you will be delighted by the contrasting design: the natural raw material wood meets the functional steel frame, creating an exciting mix of materials.    

Want to find out more details about the modular kitchen made of wood? Take a look at the WERK modular kitchen.

Grows with its requirements - that's what wood offers:

1. Solid: wooden fronts made of solid oak or solid ash are high-quality and particularly durable

2. Water-resistant: due to sealing with oil

3. Sustainable: domestic woods are renewable and fully recyclable

4. Wood works, you work with it: After many years of use, you can make your kitchen look like new by oiling it. Instructions can be found in the care instructions

Various projects

In einem alten Stallgebäude steht eine WERK Modulküche von JAN CRAY mit rauchblauen Linoleumfronten. Die alte Kappendecke ist super erhalten.

New kitchen in an old barn

“When we retire at some point, we would like to live near our sons and their families again,” said Florian’s parents and set about looking for a suitable property with enough space for the idea of multi-generational living. A few years ago, they finally found what they were looking for near Hamburg.

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